Jazz Piano

The connoisseur’s choice, music for musicians and a beautiful opportunity to explore the worlds most explosive art form in the last 100 years.

Jazz is like marmite, you know why. So many different ways in, so many examples of why it is not understood by everybody and blatantly disregarded by others.

Traditional Jazz or ‘Trad’ as it is known is sometimes the only example known to many whereas Modern Jazz is a tremendous collaboration with every other living musical genre.

If you don’t like jazz, you need more of it and jazz piano is a great way to explore the harmony which shaped the 20th Century.

Jazz Piano can be easily approached if you already have some classical playing experience.

Jazz piano can also be considered by beginners who are also prepared to study traditional note reading and scales as in classical tuition.

The piano, with it’s advanced tuning and key system, rich historical reputation and extensive reptoire created by the minds of geniuses over the last 500 years is a subject to be mastered alone regardless of personal taste and style.

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