Music Theory Lessons

Knowing the mechanics of any subject can only help when analysing something special which someone else has created.

Having a working knowledge of music theory will ensure that you are always creatively engaged with the subject.

Playing written music, whilst being a challenge on its own, will only provide half of picture when seeking creative fulfilment as a musician.

Knowing what you are playing is as exciting as actually playing it because the musician is then able to borrow, compose, recreate and then inovate music in their own way.

Whilst the subject of music theory becomes very scientific at a certain level, there is much to be gained by exploring the standard structures found in most popular music for the purposes of group playing, playing in bands, jamming wit friends and simply expanding a working knowledge for the purposes of exploring your own instrument or voice with a view to learning improvisation.

If you are thinking of booking lessons or would like more information, you may call the Bellingham Music Centre on 020 8185 7368