Piano & Keyboard Lessons in Forest Hill SE23, Children Ages 6 and 7, £15 Per Hour!

If you are looking for piano lessons in Forest Hill, it may mean a short bus trip to Brockley then two stops by train to Bellingham.

Bellingham Music Centre has become comfortably established as a ‘high street solution’ to piano tuition for young children.

Many people start lessons with a keyboard at home and get a piano at a later stage of learning to play. Call 020 8185 7368 to book lessons.

The staff are all holders of Royal College of Music Certificates and have over three years experience with technology similar to the familiar ‘language lab’ technology used in schools.

Using this technology, a group of students are able to study individually in a busy environment and keep focused on their own piece of music without disturbance.

If you are thinking of booking lessons or would like more information, you may call the music centre on 020 8185 7368

If you haven’t been to Bellingham recently, it is still a lively place with a bustling high street of local traders, cafes and local amenities, easy for shopping while the children learn piano.

Brief Local History of Forest Hill
Forest Hill was originally a wooded area with a small number of inhabitants up until the middle of the nineteenth century. A railway line was built along the route of the old canal in 1839. A short time later trains were run along the route powered by a new form of vacuum technology, it was called the Atmospheric Railway! Queen Elizabeth I had a picnic on One Tree Hill on the 1st May 1602 beside a large oak tree henceforth known as the Oak of Honour. This is where the names Honor Oak Road and Honor Oak Park came from, fascinating! The author Jim Connell (1852-1929) who wrote ‘The Red Flag’ lived in Stondon Park Road, Forest Hill.