Aged 4 Piano

Over 20 years of speaking to parents, booking new students,teaching thousands of people and putting hundreds of students of all ages through their piano grades I have learnt never to disregard the potential of any student.

I have also learnt what the average student is prepared to do in order to achieve success and where the less obvious pitfalls might be on the road to success in learning to play an instrument.

Any determined parent can take on the challenge of educating their own child in music beyond the life skills which are enough of a challenge in parenting.

Four year old children are all mentally capable of learning a musical instrument and the piano is an obvious choice due to the readily available technology, beautifully sounding keyboards, digital pianos and wealth of educational support on the internet and through interactive apps on all smartphones.

As an educator, is a joy to know of how much support is now available to new musicians seeking information about learning instruments and more importantly about reading music.

If you are thinking of booking lessons or would like more information, you may call the Bellingham Music Centre on 020 8185 7368