Piano & Keyboard Lessons in Brockley SE4, Children Ages 6 and 7, £15 Per Hour!

For those seeking piano lessons in Brockley we are only a short train ride away. Only two stops to Bellingham, the music centre has been established for three years and is a great ‘high street solution’ to learning classical piano.

The teachers are all qualified in Royal School of Music Piano Exams and have considerable experience in teaching young children.

Many people start lessons with a keyboard at home and get a piano at a later stage of learning to play. To book piano lessons, call the music centre on 020 8185 7368.

If you haven’t been to Bellingham recently, it is still a lively area full of activity, a bustling high street with many cafes, local traders and amenities make it well worth a visit.

Brief Local History of Brockley
The word Brockley has two documented meanings, the first being ‘Broca’s clearing in the woods’ and the second being ‘the clearing by the brook’.
The original site of the village of Brockley now has the name Crofton Park and there is a railway station there of the same name. David Lodge, the author originates from Brockley and refers to the area as ‘Brickley in some of his novels. Poet and artist, David Jones (1895-1974) lived in Brockley in Howson Road throughout his life.