Piano & Keyboard Lessons in Catford SE6, Children Ages 6 and 7, £12.50 Per Hour!

For those seeking piano lessons in Catford, it’s a short walk down the Bromley Road to Bellingham or perhaps one stop on the train when it’s not good walking weather!

Many people start lessons with a keyboard at home and get a piano at a later stage of learning to play.

Bellingham Music Centre is a great ‘high street solution’ to learning music, in particular classical piano which has become a popular choice for parents with young children. The staff at Bellingham Music Centre are friendly, well qualified, trustworthy and above all great piano teachers!

If you are thinking of booking lessons or would like more information, you may call the music centre on 020 8185 7368

If you haven’t been to Bellingham recently, it is a lively place which has a bustling high street of traders, cafe’s, many local amenities and is certainly well worth a visit.

Brief Local History of Catford
Catford was the ford (across the River Ravensbourne) where there were wild cats. Lewisham’s Town Hall is in Catford, an extension containing the Lewisham Theatre was added in 1932. Tommy Steele, a famous singer and entertainer bought a house for himself and his family in Catford where he lived until 1960. Another famous resident born in Catford was the comedian and author Ben Elton.