Piano & Keyboard Lessons in Grove Park SE12, Children Ages 6 and 7, £15 Per Hour!

If you are looking for piano lessons in Grove Park then it is a short bus ride away.

For those driving, turn off Verdant Lane on to Hazelbank Road and follow it straight to Bellingham, very easy and no busy main roads!

Many people start lessons with a keyboard at home and get a piano at a later stage of learning to play. Call 020 8185 7368 to book lessons.

Bellingham Music Centre is well established, now a hive of activity for young musicians. It continues to lead the way for piano tuition in the area.

Students are regularly put in for Royal School of Music Exams and gain certificates from it’s appointed Royal patrons!

The staff at the centre have all developed their skills in the same environment and are an example of how a ‘high street solution’ to learning classical piano, at a walk in centre, can be achieved in just three years!

If you are thinking of booking lessons or would like more information, you may call the music centre on 020 8185 7368

If you haven’t been to Bellingham recently, it is still a lively place which has a bustling high street of traders, cafe and useful local amenities, certainly enough to keep busy while the children study piano.

Brief Local History of Grove Park
Grove Park was entirely woodland until the eighteenth century when all of the trees were felled:( Many of them were burned in order to make charcoal, this is where part of the area received it’s name, ‘Burnt Ash’. A farm near Somertrees Avenue was called Grove Farm and later went on to give it’s name to the area, Grove Park.