Piano & Keyboard Lessons in Lee SE12, Children Ages 6 and 7, £12.50 Per Hour!

If you are looking for piano lessons in Lee it is worth noting that a small music centre lies over the hill near Hither Green. An easy trip by car via Verdant Lane and Hazelbank Road avoids all main roads and usual ‘after school’ traffic congestion.

Bellingham Music Centre specialises in teaching children and young adults to play classical piano

Many people start lessons with a keyboard at home and get a piano at a later stage of learning to play. Call 020 8185 7368 to book lessons.

Bellingham Music Centre continues to grow in staff numbers alone as a result of the number of children regularly attending lessons there. The wireless technology at the centre enables piano students to focus on their own work and the teacher to move about whilst monitoring the class. There are often two teachers for each class to ensure all needs are met and that parents are given reliable feedback every week.

Under these circumstances, progress can be guaranteed.

If you are thinking of booking lessons or would like more information, you may call the music centre on 020 8185 7368

If you haven’t been to Bellingham recently, it is a lively place which has a bustling high street of traders, cafe’s, many local amenities, ideal for shopping while the children are having their piano lessons.

Brief Local History of Lee
In ‘olde’ English the word ‘Leah’ means ‘the clearing in the wood’. Lee was previously a separate parish to Lewisham although a markedly smaller area. Lee was made up of several hamlets, ‘South of Lee Green’ was area consisting of plant nurseries, there were also areas where watercress grew along the riverbank of the River Quaggy. The poet Ernest Dawson (1867-1900) originated from Belmont Grove and the publisher Stanley Unwin is said to have lived in Handen Road. He took a big gamble in his career by publishing a book by J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ which was not deemed to be a commercial success, the gamble paid off!